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Autism, ABA, & Pediatrics:
Deepening the Connection

ABA is widely accepted as an effective treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and research indicates that the science of ABA may have great benefits to physicians working with children with ASD in their practice.
This customized training program enables physicians to:

  • Understand the key characteristics of ASD and the science of ABA
  • Apply principles of ABA to common behavioral challenges
  • Explain how families can access ABA therapy and relevant resources
  • Utilize ABA to support improved clinical outcomes for their patients through early detection, intervention, and education

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CDC Resources

CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program aims to increase early identification of autism and other developmental disabilities. Recently, developmental milestones were updated to be placed at ages by which at least 75% of children would be expected to exhibit them (compared to 50% previously). This change is intended to move away from the "wait and see" approach and to increase the likelihood that children will be evaluated early.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Catherine Lord

Dr. Catherine Lord

Dr. Lord is a leading autism researcher, practicing clinical psychologist, and distinguished professor at UCLA. Her focus is on autism diagnosis and interventions, as well as social and communication development. She developed standardized diagnostic instruments for ASD (the ADOS and ADI-R, which are now used for research diagnoses worldwide.

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky

Dr. Ostrovsky’s experience spans clinical care delivery, health system design, policymaking, health technology, as well as clinical operations. He was the Chief Medical Officer of the US Medicaid program and is now Managing Partner at Social Innovation Ventures where he advises companies dedicated to eliminating disparities in care delivery.

Dr. Janet S. Twyman

Dr. Janet S. Twyman

Dr. Twyman has held many roles in her career, including teacher, principal, professor, educational consultant, and founder and Chief Learning Scientist at blast: A Learning Sciences company. She has published and presented widely on instructional design and is a proponent of effective learning technologies.

Dr. Fred Volkmar

Dr. Fred Volkmar

Dr. Volkmar is a professor of child psychiatry, pediatrics, and psychology at Yale and Chair of Special Education at S. Connecticut State University. He was the primary author of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-IV autism and pervasive developmental disorders section and has written several hundred scientific papers, chapters, and books.